Phenix Saint and Johnny in a Rapid scene

Johnny Rapid stars as a young man who wants sex all the time and it’s caught on camera by and shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’ In this first episode, Phenix Saint is the lucky man who gives Johnny a bit more than a helping hand.
Johnny Rapid is lying in his bed with his boyfriend. Johnny wants sex and goes under the cover to suck his boyfriends cock. His boyfriend isn’t interested and just wants to sit there reading his book. He gets bored of this, the same thing is happening night after night, and Johnny has needs. If he can’t find them at home, he will just have to go elsewhere for the fun. He gets up and chucks his clothes into a bag and walks off, and out of his apartment in a bad mood.
johnny rapid
Johnny ends up walking the streets until daytime and eventually falls asleep in a bus shelter. He gets woken up by being shaken by a strange man telling him that there is a storm a coming. Johnny looks up and sees the good looking Phenix Saint smiling down to him. He offers Johnny a lift, and is soon inside Johnny’s apartment. (His boyfriend is missing as he’s gone on the hunt for Johnny.)
profilecloseupPhenix tells him that he thought he was some kind of hobo or rent boy when he first saw him sleeping in the bus shelter. Johnny smiles, he can’t believe that Phenix thought he took money for sex, but the word sex gets him going again, and as he wants to piss his boyfriend off he jumps off the bed he was sitting on, and straight over to Phenix. Phenix spreads his legs a bit as Johnny gets to his side, undoes his pants, takes his cock out and starts to give Phenix a blowjob he will remember for a long time to come.
Rapid’s cock is rock solid in his pants and is soon aching for attention. He stands up and sighs out with a great pleasure as Phenix sucks on his seven and a half inch cock whilst bouncing his heave ball sack in the palm of his hot and sweating hand.
Rapid’s asshole starts to itch, and he knows exactly what to do about it. Johnny strips naked and as Phenix sits on the couch, he climbs on top of him, and facing his face, Johnny gently sits on his fat hard dick. He shouts out for him to go slower and then inches that quick deep inside his asshole. Phenix can’t believe how tight Johnny’s asshole rally is and is quick to hump is dry asshole back.
Phenix feels like he is going to cum soon so he stands up and fucks Johnny’s asshole standing up, and then in the missionary position. Sweat drips off their hot and passionate bodies and with a loud cry from both Johnny Rapid, and Phenix Saint as cum spills and spurts out of their pulsating cocks and covering Johnny’s smooth lean torso.

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