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Sometimes I don’t want to watch a whole hardcore movie, I want to get stuck straight into the action. I typed in Gay Male Tube into my keyboard and, after scrolling down the search engine results, I came across Now, tubes are great for what I was searching for, some of the scenes are only a few minutes, long, whilst others can be half an hour, or even longer. Also, I know there are others out there like me who want to watch bits of this, and then bits of that. For instance, I scrolled down the homepage and saw two smooth young twinks with cute faces having fun on the sofa. I pressed play, and was instantly turned on as one of the twinks seduced his best friend into bed. This ended up with fresh cum over his fucked young asshole. Then I went to a hospital fantasy which lasts 16 minutes where the doctor inspects every part of a young redhead’s body, cock and asshole.
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This really is quite a good site and although not all the scenes are HD, they are still quite good quality, and there is also one category for HD movies. I must admit, I was very impresses by the set-up of it all, and before I went on to look at other sites (this was all before breakfast), I had looked at some more scenes and various other categories.
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Coming out gay as an American football player is still pretty new, and still causes a stir. Thankfully, this gay porn star website are doing a gay movie in the house when it is announced on television that ebony player, Robert Axel, has been drafted to one of the best teams around, and the adult website show us everyone’s reaction when Robert throws caution to the wind and sees hot gay guys having sex, with his best str8 friend Brenner Bolton, who is sat next to him. See more hot gay guys at
No one in the room, besides Brenner, even suspected that this hulk of a man may be a hot gay lover. They stand there with their mouths open for a while as Robert explains that Brenner is just a good guys and they got caught up in the moment. They hear the door close and know the last of their embarrassed friends have left. Robert declares that this is a celebration, and not to worry about anything else until later, which more than pleases Brenner as they hold onto each other and kiss lovingly. Brenner’s hands go straight between Robert’s powerful ebony thighs and strokes the outline of his seven and a half inch dick though his pants.

Robert lifts his top up showing off his shredded core. Brenner leans forward and kisses him on his muscled chest and gently chews on his even darker bullet like nipple. Robert strips naked and as Brenner was born to suck cock, he goes down on him and takes that black dick to the back of his throat. Robert growls out with a deep excited sigh as Brenner sucks on his thick dick and licks his smooth heavy ball sack as they sit on the couch. Robert then stands up and face fucks Brenner’s mouth for a while and then decides he wants something a bit sweeter.
Robert Axel gets Brenner on his hands and knees like a bitch on heat, and as Brenner bends over, Robert sees his asshole automatically spreading open. This great hunky football player then leans towards Brenner’s begging asshole and takes a long lick of his rim. Brenner pushes his ass back a bit and Robert shoves his tongue through his opening and as far in as it can possibly stretch, whilst striking on Brenner’s raging hard dick underneath him.
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Robert sucks on Brenner’s cock and then gets directly behind him, point’s his fat dick directly at Brenner’s white asshole, and pushes it all the way in, scoring him a home goal. Brenner gargles and grunts as Robert batters his asshole with his cock as he has sex with him doggy style.
Brenner Bolton then gets on his back and gets his ass drilled in the missionary sex position, and then as Robert Axel sits up, Brenner rides on his dick until he feels his toes begin to curl. Electricity travels up his naked legs and as Brenner feels his aching balls tingle all over, he shouts out in a loud cry of pleasure as his homosexual cock throbs, and thick hot cum shoots out over Robert’s strong hard thigh and onto the floor below. Brenner moves down gay porn star Robert’s Good like body and sucks on his black dick and makes him cum all over Brenner’s handsome young face and around his chin. Be sure to check to Gay Male Sex – click here

Phenix Saint and Johnny in a Rapid scene

Johnny Rapid stars as a young man who wants sex all the time and it’s caught on camera by and shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’ In this first episode, Phenix Saint is the lucky man who gives Johnny a bit more than a helping hand.
Johnny Rapid is lying in his bed with his boyfriend. Johnny wants sex and goes under the cover to suck his boyfriends cock. His boyfriend isn’t interested and just wants to sit there reading his book. He gets bored of this, the same thing is happening night after night, and Johnny has needs. If he can’t find them at home, he will just have to go elsewhere for the fun. He gets up and chucks his clothes into a bag and walks off, and out of his apartment in a bad mood.
johnny rapid
Johnny ends up walking the streets until daytime and eventually falls asleep in a bus shelter. He gets woken up by being shaken by a strange man telling him that there is a storm a coming. Johnny looks up and sees the good looking Phenix Saint smiling down to him. He offers Johnny a lift, and is soon inside Johnny’s apartment. (His boyfriend is missing as he’s gone on the hunt for Johnny.)
profilecloseupPhenix tells him that he thought he was some kind of hobo or rent boy when he first saw him sleeping in the bus shelter. Johnny smiles, he can’t believe that Phenix thought he took money for sex, but the word sex gets him going again, and as he wants to piss his boyfriend off he jumps off the bed he was sitting on, and straight over to Phenix. Phenix spreads his legs a bit as Johnny gets to his side, undoes his pants, takes his cock out and starts to give Phenix a blowjob he will remember for a long time to come.
Rapid’s cock is rock solid in his pants and is soon aching for attention. He stands up and sighs out with a great pleasure as Phenix sucks on his seven and a half inch cock whilst bouncing his heave ball sack in the palm of his hot and sweating hand.
Rapid’s asshole starts to itch, and he knows exactly what to do about it. Johnny strips naked and as Phenix sits on the couch, he climbs on top of him, and facing his face, Johnny gently sits on his fat hard dick. He shouts out for him to go slower and then inches that quick deep inside his asshole. Phenix can’t believe how tight Johnny’s asshole rally is and is quick to hump is dry asshole back.
Phenix feels like he is going to cum soon so he stands up and fucks Johnny’s asshole standing up, and then in the missionary position. Sweat drips off their hot and passionate bodies and with a loud cry from both Johnny Rapid, and Phenix Saint as cum spills and spurts out of their pulsating cocks and covering Johnny’s smooth lean torso.

Dirty Valentine – The Gay Movie

‘Gods Of Men’ always show off the best men with the best looks, best asses, and some of the biggest dicks around, and they are all filmed by Colton Grey and Rafael Alencar, who share twenty inches of dick between them, star in the last episode in this fantastic hardcore series.
Love is in the air on Valentine’s day where ever you are in the world, and for Colton Grey and Rafael Alencar, that means hot and horny sex as their cocks pulsate in their pants as they press their lips against each other and kiss hard and fast. Lust fills their bodies as they feel their hard muscled flesh press against each other. Their chests are so close together that they can feel the other one’s heartbeat, as their kissing gets stronger and more passionate, as their tongues go into each other’s mouths.
Rafael Alencar and Colton Grey lie on top of each other and roll about the bed until Rafael is on the bottom with his legs up in the air, and over Colton’s naked shoulders. Colton bends over and slaps Rafael’s eleven and a half inch dick across his lips and licks his angry cock head. Rafael grows out with delight as Conner squeezes as much of his cock into his mouth and sucks greedily on his huge dick and heavy ball sack.
Rafael gets Colton on to his hands and knees and Colton, who knows what’s coming next, sticks his ass right up in the air in a fantastic submissive pose. His asshole twitches in anticipation as he feels Rafael’s hot breath on his open hole, and then he groans out with a great sense of heightened excitement as he at last feels that wet hard tongue circling his sensitive man-crack. Rafael loves a tasty asshole and he feels his cock pulsate as his tongue probes deeper and deeper into Colton’s hot, velvet entrance. Rafael waits until Colton’s asshole is so lubed up with his spit, that his saliva drips down onto Colton’s ball sack and on to the mattress below.
Colton gets onto his back and as Rafael sinks his heavy thick cock into him, he feels his asshole almost ripping apart, and his insides stretch like never before as all eleven inches stuff fill him up. Colton moans out with a mixture of pain and pleasure at first, which soon turns to unadulterated pleasure as Rafael fucks his tight hole a bit faster with each thrust of his hips.
Colton Grey sucks on Rafael’s cock for a while, and then Rafael drills his tight wet asshole until Colton can’t hold back, and cum explodes over his smooth, tattooed body. Rafael Alencar then stands up and he is rewarded as he watches and feels the scolding hot cum splash across his unshaved chin, and into his mouth. He loves to swallow cum.
Colton Grey is a popular young porn star from San Francisco with a smooth hard chest and plenty of tattoos covering his lovely tight body. He is five feet six inches tall with brown hair and amazingly bright blue eyes. He is a versatile bottom and has a juicy eight and a half inch cut dick. Colton has starred in seven hardcore movies for which includes, ‘Reply All Part 3’, ‘Stepbrothers Part 1’, and ‘Best Sex Of My Life Part 3.’ Although, after having eleven and a half inches of cock stuffed up his ass, this video just may show the real best sex of his life.
Rafael Alencar is one of the most sought after porn stars in the world today. He is a natural actor with a great hard body and an eleven and a half inch, uncut dick. Rafael has starred in thirty seven hardcore flicks for and just loves his work, especially when he has four tight asses bent over in front of him all waiting their turn to be fucked in ‘My Neighbor’s Son Part 4’, which ends up in one big cum bath. He is a versatile top and has jet black hair, hazel eyes, and is five feet eight inches tall. Oh, yes, and have I mentioned his eleven and a half inch uncut dick yet?

Will Braun together with Johnny

johnny rapidThey turn the shower off and Johnny Rapid sits on the edge of the bath tub and leans backwards taking his weight in his arms behind him. Will now knees down and sucks on his seven and a half inch dick into his mouth and gives Johnny one of the best blowjobs he has ever had. As much as Johnny loves his cock being sucked by his best friend’s good looking son, he really wants to have his ass serviced hard. He turns around, his feet in the bath and his ass sticks over the side. Will gets closer and licks and kisses his tight mature asshole making Johnny growl with longing.

Will stands up and shoves his toy straight into Johnny’s tight asshole and humps him fast straight away. He grabs him by the shoulders and thrusts his hard cock into him with quick short strokes. Will Braun keeps on fucking his tight crack from behind until he can’t take anymore, he pulls his gay cock out and cums between Johnny Herst’s butt cheeks and over his fucked asshole. Johnny stands up and turns around immediately cumming over Will’s open mouth and good looking face. With spunk all over his face Johnny tells Will that he is now a man. Will thanks him as some cum drips down the side of his cock-sucking lips.
Will Braun joined the site in February 2015 as an exclusive model and actor. He has become hot property ever since and has over 13k followers on Twitter. He is fresh faced with a smooth strong body. He is the kind of young man your mother would love to see you take home. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock; He has brown hair and sexy blue eyes. Will is five feet six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds
Johnny Herst is a good looking daddy figure who loves a bit of rough sex from time to time. He is strong and has a great ass and legs from playing a lot of soccer; he is from England and has a sexy accent. His most viewed flick with this site is ‘My New Stepdad Is A Pervert Part 1’, with Travis Stevens and has been seen by almost 70,000 horny guys. Johnny is versatile with a seven and a half inch cut cock; he has short brown hair and lovely blue eyes. He is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 188 pounds.